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Welcome to my Genealogy site. On the left are links starting with family trees. Since this site does not include living people, each family tree starts with someone who is deceased. Therefore, there are many family tress for both my family and my wife's family.

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21 Apr 2013I added drafts of "The Ayer Family - 1802-1903"

12 Dec 2011 I added "Ira Ayer, Jr and the Freedmen's Bureau".

8 Sept 2011 - Brand new website now using The Next Generation Site Builder (TNG).

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Williams Family

Ayer Family

Reminiscences from The Life of a Pioneer by Ira Ayer I

Written about 1885 by Ira Ayer, I (1802-1889) about some of the more interesting and funny events of his life.  He was born in Haverhill, MA and when he was young his family moved as far west as they could, Eire County, NY, near Buffalo.  I've transcribed the story for easy reading but have included the original drawings.  I've included three formats, HTML (normal webpage), PDF and a scan of each page.

Project Ayer/James

Here are a collection of letters and documents that pertain primarily to Ira Ayer II, his wife Jennie James and her family.  Most are from shortly before until shortly after the Civil War.

Project Ayer-James

The Ayer Family – 1802 To 1903 by Bill Scholtz

This is the story of three generations of the Ayer family starting with James Ayer, Sr. and Sarah Bradley with a little on their ancestors. It’s broken into three volumes, Volume 1 focusing primarily on the first two generations. Volume 2 focuses on the family of Ira Ayer, Jr. (3rd generation) and Volume 3 focuses on the rest of the 3rd generation and a section on the legacy of the family.

Memorial to Ira Ayer I by LeRoy Oatman

Among other things, Ira Ayer fought in the Civil War.  He was captain of his regiment.  When he died the James Ayer post of the GAR did a memorial to him.  It includes a history of Company A of the 116th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry.  If anyone has a better copy of this I'd love to get a scan of it.

Alice Ayer Williams' Songs

Alice Ayer Williams used to sing us songs from the 18th and 19th centuries. Fred Scholtz has collected some of these songs on his page.

Other Items

James Family

Jane Francis James was said to have crossed the Atlantic 24 four times with her daughter Jennie born on one of those trips. Neither is true but she did cross the Atlantic at least three times.  During a particularly rough trip she wrote Stansas, a poem documenting the account. It was written on the 1855 maiden voyage of the ship The Lillies from St. Johns, New Brunswick to Liverpool.

Stansasby Jane Frances Jamess

Bemporad Family

Annibali Family

Hertz Family

Huisberg Family

Chisholm/Chambers/Moeller/Hedberg Families

Phillips(Filippo)/Bevilacqua Families

Gould/Brown/Ingraham/Shore Families

Kendall Family

Royalty, Saints and yes, even a god

  • Royalty page - including saints and a god
  • Chart of ancestors of Alice Freeman, the source of my royal ancestors
  • Chart of House of Wessex (early Kings of England back to a god)
  • Chart of House of Alpin and the Kingdom of Dál Riata Ancestors (early kings of Scotland)
  • Chart of Carolingian Dynasty - Charlemagne line

Photo Album

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