Notable People

  • Hannah Heath Bradley (1673-1761) - She lived her life in Haverhill, MA where she survived three Indian attacks including be taken prisoner twice.
  • Isaac Bradley (1680-?) - Isaac, Hannah's nephew, was also captured by Indian attacks.
  • Ira Ayer, I (1802-1889) - Born in Haverhill, MA and grew up in Erie County, NY. He fought in Patriot War and the Civil War. He wrote an Autobiography called Reminiscences and when he died his GAR Post had a memorial to him.
  • Ira Ayer, II (1836-1903) - Ira was a Civil War hero who also had a distinguished carrier as a Special Agent in the Treasury Department.  You can find letters to and from him and more about him after he married Jennie James.  Also there are many newspaper articles about him.
  • Jane Francis James (c1811-1883) - Wife of William, she was said to have crossed the Atlantic either 18 or 24 times and her daughter Jennie was born on one of those trips. However, Jennie was born at home in Wales and Jane crossed the Atlantic at least once but more likely three times. In the trip from St. Johns, NB to Liverpool, there was a bad storm and Jane documented it in a poem she titled Stansas.   Also look here for more on Jane.
  • William James (c1805-1873)  - William was from and moved his family to Canada and Virginia, staying in Washington, DC during the Civil War. He achieved many things in his life but was most notable for being a habitual liar.   Find out more.
  • Ramon Oscar Williams (1827-1913) - Ramon was born in Washington, DC but spent most of his life in Cuba and Brooklyn. He spent many years as Consul General to Havana Cuba leading up to the Spanish American War. Because Cuba was part of Spain, he was the closest thing to a diplomat in Cuba. Her are just a few documents and newspaper articles about him.
  • José Henrique Scholtz (1873-1943) - Henrique is the first of our Scholtz ancestors who moved to the US. He went through many different carriers prior to getting married going into the coffee business.
  • Luis R Scholtz - One of the founders of the first radio station in Venezuela
  • Rear Admiral Adriaan van Daalen (c1773-1858) - Adriaan was decorated by the king of The Netheralnds in the "knight of the order of the Dutch Lion", the oldest and highest civil order in The Netherlands. Here are newpaper accounts and pictures.
  • August Leberegt Statius Muller (1797-1884) - A plantation owner, printer for the government and owner of what was the first newspaper in Curaçao.
  • John Cogswell (1592-1669) - While coming to America in 1635, the ship he and his family were on was destroyed by a hurricane while in Pemaquid, Maine. While the family survived they lost most of their property.
  • Tuttle Family The Tuttle family had interesting lives. First they all move move to New England, then the father moves back to Ireland, and along the way there is cheating, steeling and all kinds of scandals.  Read about the father, John (c1596-1656) who brought the whole family to New England, only to move back 16 years later, the mother Joanna Antrobus (c1592-a1662) who was left destitute when John died because the person renting the house back in New England wouldn't pay rent and her son was cheating her out of the money he owed and Simon (c1630-1692), well you will just have to read about Simon.
  • Bernardus Muller (1490-1575) - Follower of Martin Luther.

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