Royalty in my family

All my connections to royalty are through Alice Freeman.  She is known for having more famous descendants and ancestors than just about any other 17th century immigrant to New England.
  • House of Wessex:  The members of the House of Wessex were the first kings of England.  My connection to them starts near the end of the line and goes back to the first King of Wessex, Cedric (c519-1016).  In addition, Cedric claimed decadency from Wôdan, the Germanic god for whom Wednesday is named.
  • Scottish Kings:  My connection to the Scottish kings starts toward the end of the House of Alpin and goes back to its origin (c800-c1000).  Members of the House of Alpin are the first kings of Scotland.  The House of Alipin is in turn descended from Cenél nGabraín Dynasty and the Kingdom of Dál Riata (c400-c800).  Dál Riata was originally the northern tip of what is now Norther Ireland but later extended to some of the western shores of what is now Scotland.
  • Charlemagne and the Carolingian Dynasty:  Charlemagne who was part of the Carolingian Dynasty had unified most of central Europe and made himself Emperor. His many sons were kings of the various countries within his empire. The Carolingian Dynasty started with Charles Martel (c688–741) and my connection ended with Herbert I (848–907) and Lothair I (795–855). However, I have several more ancestors who were kings of parts of Europe over the next 150 years.

   Royal Ancestor (52 and counting)
    Saint Ancestor (7 and counting)
God Ancestor (only one so far)

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